Please VOTE for our People’s Budget Proposal: Stickers for gas water heaters

Redwood City has allocated $1 million in the People’s Budget for projects proposed by people which will positively improve the community.

Everyone with a strong connection to Redwood City or North Fair Oaks is invited to VOTE on the proposed projects.  The voting system is ranked choice. Each voter lists up to 7 out of the 96 choices. Because of the budget cap of $1 million, it is important to rank Green Energy & Sustainability category at the top. Here is an example: if the majority of 1st ranked votes goes to a project that has a budget of up to $1M – that’s it: no other entries would be considered. 

Our low cost entry under “Green Energy & Sustainability” is to: Produce & deliver stickers to put on gas water heaters, with information regarding rebates for replacing gas appliances with energy efficient, safe electric heat pump models. The estimated budget is $2,700. to $7,000, depending on the area of the pilot project. 

How to VOTE:

Online in English or Spanish. 

On paper by picking up a form at any City library, the Fair Oaks Community Center, Veterans Memorial Senior Center, or City Hall. Return the form to any of those locations or scan it and send to

The deadline is May 9. Please get family & friends to also vote Green!

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