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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and shelter-in-place order from Gov. Newsom, all workshop plans have been suspended. Our group is still meeting regularly and hopes to make plans for in-person workshops in the future.

Past Events

Avenues for Action: A Climate Change Workshop – Jan. 25

About 90 people attended this 5-hour workshop at the Redwood City Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship.  There were two main topics: 1) the importance of engaging in conversations about climate change, rather than avoiding the topic.  People often avoid the topic because it’s disquieting — and actually frightening — so we need to acknowledge these fears. People also avoid conversations about the climate crisis because they think they can’t do much about it — but we can, especially when we act collectively and work to pass new laws.  Lastly, people avoid the subject because they don’t want to get into arguments — but most people do accept that the climate in changing because of humans burning fossil fuels. The workshop gave people practice in “conversation starters” so that we could explore different perspectives on the topic without getting into verbal battles.

After a delicious lunch of vegetarian black bean soup, salad, bread and chips, the second major segment of the workshop was aimed at 2) helping participants move into action, through use of a Personal Action Planning worksheet. We also had a dozen three-minute “speed dating” presentations from various local climate protection groups, talking about what volunteers do in their organizations.  Afterwards, everyone met with the group reps at tables at the back of the room.

Belmont Earth Day Event