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Induction Cooktop Trial Program

Want to try out an induction cook top? The new electric induction cooktops are SO much better than the old coil style burner. AND they are also better than gas. Why? Five reasons:

1) They heat up and cool down as fast as gas AND they won’t burn your hand if you touch them immediately after turning one off.

2) These electrics clean up so easily! Just wipe up any spills on the smooth top with a wet towel.        

3) Induction cooking is safer than gas. No leaking pipes, no worry in an earthquake — and no San Bruno type explosions! (Homes caught fire in both Los Altos and Campbell this past summer due to leaks from a gas meter. This is not an uncommon problem.)

4) Induction is healthier and doesn’t pollute indoor air. Did you know that “natural” gas is really methane gas? It gives off invisible toxic gases such as formaldehyde and nitrous oxide when burned in your kitchen. Kids who live in homes with gas stoves are 40% more likely to develop asthma.

5) Electric induction cooking is better for the environment. Burning methane gas, as well as leaks from gas lines and appliances, creates “greenhouse gas” emissions that cause climate change. We have clean, green electricity now from solar, wind, and hydropower — so we can use that for cooking and say goodbye to fossil gas.

You can borrow a cooktop loaner set for free from Fossil Free Mid-Peninsula and the non-profit Acterra for a two-week period. It’s about the size of an electric fry pan and comes with a non-stick steel frying pan, (very simple) instructions, a magnet to see if your own pans have enough steel or iron, and a carrying case.

To borrow: Send a note to, and we’ll put you on the waiting list to borrow an induction cooking set soon. 


How To Help
PDF available here
View it as a webpage here
Compiled by Sierra Club Loma Prieta & FFMP volunteers, a comprehensive list of resources for the San Francisco Bay Area Peninsula. Representative emails, phone numbers, organizations, and more.

Earth-Friendly Bay Area Peninsula Takeout

As we continue to use take-out options more during the pandemic, some of our members are looking out for restaurants choosing compostable, recyclable, or reusable take-out containers. This is just the start of our list!

Jack’s Prime Burgers and Shakes, San Mateo –

Masala Desi Cafe, Roosevelt Plaza, Redwood City –  Masala Desi Cafe

Godfather’s Burger Lounge, Belmont –

Panda Express, Belmont –

Fossil Free Homes & Development

Heat Pump Water Heater Guidelines
PDF available here
Guidelines for installing heat pump water heaters in existing residences. Resource from the City of San Mateo.

Ten Truths About Natural Gas
PDF available here from MenloSpark

Comparison of Electric Water Heaters

Environmental Justice

Climate Justice Alliance
Just Transition: A Framework for Change

Sunrise Movement
Green New Deal

Hip Hop Caucus Think 100%
The Coolest Show (Podcast)

Sierra Club
Environmental Justice

Extinction Rebellion
What is Climate and Ecological Justice?

The Environmental Justice Movement

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