How to Help?

SPEAK UP: Call & write your elected officials and attend & speak at public meetings & town halls.

All comments are counted! And don’t forget to say thanks when they do the right thing! Ask for what you want. Share a personal story. Be clear and concise.
Local – City Councils usually have two meetings per month & typically take 2-3 minutes of public comment per person. Email addresses and physical addresses can be found on city websites.

State Assembly
Kevin Mullin (District 22) 650.349-2200
Marc Berman (District 24) 650.329-2480
Ash Kalra (District 27) 408.277-1220
Philip Ting (District 19) 415. 557-2312
Evan Low (District 28) 408-446-2810

US House of Representatives
Anna Eshoo (18th District)
650.323-2984 |
Jackie Speier (14th District)
650.342-0300 |
Ro Khanna (17th District)
408- 436-2720 |

San Mateo County Board of Supervisors | 650.363-4000
Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors

State Senate
Jerry Hill (District 13) 650.212-3313
Jim Beall (District 15) 408.286-8318
Scott Wiener (District 11) 415.557-1300
Bob Wieckowski (District 10) 510.794-3900

US Senate
Dianne Feinstein 415.393-0707 |
Kamala Harris 415.981-9369 |

TALK ABOUT IT: Write letters to the editor, call in to talk radio stations, talk to friends, family, neighbors and co-workers.

Please go to (Redwood City Neighbors United) for excellent tips on how to write a
letter and a list of newspapers with web sites.

STAY INFORMED: Get on some mailing lists, attend meetings, support active groups & volunteer.

Sierra Club – Loma Prieta Chapter (San Mateo, Santa Clara counties)
State office:
National office:

Office of Sustainability San Mateo County: 888.442-2666 |

Save The Bay volunteer activity calendar:

Prepared by Sierra Club Loma Prieta volunteers Gail Barton and Laura Brown. Megaphone by NOVITA ASTRI from the Noun Project, Conversation by Caesar Rizky Kurniawan from the Noun Project, inform by Lakshisha from the Noun Project.

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