Who We Are

We are Fossil Free Mid-Peninsula.

We are concerned residents of San Mateo County from Belmont to Menlo Park who want our
elected representatives to acknowledge that the climate crisis leading to devastating sea level rise
needs local solutions to mitigate the foreseeable effects, while helping to remove the fossil fuels

Our main interests:

  • Transition to renewable energy NOW. Persuade cities, counties, and states to pledge to make the transition to 100% renewable energy. Building codes & zoning ordinances need to be changed to fit the new reality.
  • Block any new fossil fuel infrastructure such as pipelines, port modifications for the transport of coal, gas, etc.
  • Divest financial assets from the fossil fuel industry by promoting and assisting individuals, companies and organizations to remove their financial assets from banks and other financial institutions that have investments in fossil fuel companies.
  • Promote electrification of all energy sources/consumption. Incentives need to be created to retrofit polluting “fracked” gas appliances.

Our activities include:

  • Sponsor and co-sponsor public events to move us away from fossil fuels such as Electric Vehicles event, Heat Pump workshop, Divestment presentations, etc.
  • Participate in public events to educate, energize, and involve the public to work toward a world free of fossil fuels. Examples: Earth Day events, Climate Action march, Sustainability events, and tabling at Farmers Markets
  • Contact our representatives in government at all levels to urge them to take measures that reduce our use of fossil fuels.
  • Promote renewables, including urging more city governments and individuals to sign up for Peninsula Clean Energy’s ECO-100 option; and promoting SunShares & other solar programs.
  • Promote electrification of transportation & buildings, since electricity can be powered by renewables.

Find us on Facebook at FossilFreeMidPeninsula