Redwood City People’s Budget

Redwood City has a million dollar budget, to be decided by the community: The People’s Budget. The deadline for submissions has already passed, however, several members of FFMP have submitted proposals. Between March 19 and May 9, ranked-choice voting will be open to all members of the Redwood City community. Check out our members’ submissionsContinue reading “Redwood City People’s Budget”

All-Electric! …with exceptions

On September 21st, 2020, the City Council of Redwood City voted unanimously to pass all-electric reach codes with eight exceptions, as recommended by staff. Reach codes are legally required to be as or more strict than state codes, which are updated every three years, most recently going into effect on Jan 1, 2020. This articleContinue reading “All-Electric! …with exceptions”

Reach Codes in Redwood City

Tomorrow, September 14th, the Redwood City Council will consider all-electric reach codes after months of delays. In light of this finally coming before council, we’re posting another past comment on reach codes from one of our FFMP members. The following statement was originally made by Laurel Bergman on December 9, 2019. At the time, IanContinue reading “Reach Codes in Redwood City”

An Equitable Transition

Our mission statement includes our goal to “advocate for swiftly and equitably transitioning to renewable energy.” A few of our members wrote the following statement that specifies what this goal means to us, and helps to tie our advocacy and education work to environmental and social justice. We believe that the transition from a fossilContinue reading “An Equitable Transition”

This is An Actual Crisis

From the FFMP archive of statements to Redwood City Council Members, December 2019. This statement was originally made by Carol Cross, and easily applies to a number of crises we see today. First, Let me add my congratulations to you, Madame Mayor, for becoming mayor. And my thanks to Council Member Bain for your supremelyContinue reading “This is An Actual Crisis”