Redwood City Environmental Initiatives Ad Hoc Committee

As written by a FFMP member, a very close to complete transcript of the last four minutes of the RWC Council Meeting, April 13. Topic listed under 7. MATTERS OF COUNCIL INTEREST; 7.B.City Council Committee Reports; A, Environmental Initiatives Ad Hoc Committee Giselle Hale started, saying that there were three main points: “1.) We areContinue reading “Redwood City Environmental Initiatives Ad Hoc Committee”

Why Are a Few Builders Against All-Electric?

Carol Cross, with contributions from Tom Kabat Within the circles in which I travel (nerdy climate-change activist types) the question has come up time and again: why are (some) builders against an all-electric code? What’s the attraction of gas infrastructure? Tom Kabat, an energy and electrification consultant who I believe works in Menlo Park, gave usContinue reading “Why Are a Few Builders Against All-Electric?”