Redwood City Environmental Initiatives Ad Hoc Committee

As written by a FFMP member, a very close to complete transcript of the last four minutes of the RWC Council Meeting, April 13. Topic listed under 7. MATTERS OF COUNCIL INTEREST; 7.B.City Council Committee Reports; A, Environmental Initiatives Ad Hoc Committee

Giselle Hale started, saying that there were three main points:

“1.) We are interested in having our city take a leadership role in our own operations by developing a green purchasing policy, focusing on vehicle and building electrification in particular. We’ve seen items going to consent and then seen public comments, and our comment to staff is that we’re now in a world where the community is going to hold us responsible for looking to see if there is a green alternative.

“2.) We discussed studying a GHG emissions target that is more ambitious than the state-mandated target. Initially when we sat down with staff they were looking to meet state goals, and we said, ‘Hey, we think our community is interested in a more aggressive target. We want to have a leadership stance on that.’ So they’re going to be coming back on that with a broader discussion, but also really important is the community discussion around what that would look like.

“3.) And then finally we discussed the time frame around both the CAP and the updated Reach Codes.”

After that, Ian added: “Basically what we’re trying to do is update the plan now to reflect the fact that Peninsula Clean Energy is now in place. That’s helping us meet our goals much faster. Which means we shouldn’t rest on our laurels, we should increase our goal. And Reach Codes will be an effective way to help us do that. The other thing is there have been lots of advancements in technology since 2013 when we first put our plan in place. So our new plan will reflect that.”

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