Redwood City Environmental Initiatives Ad Hoc Committee

As written by a FFMP member, a very close to complete transcript of the last four minutes of the RWC Council Meeting, April 13. Topic listed under 7. MATTERS OF COUNCIL INTEREST; 7.B.City Council Committee Reports; A, Environmental Initiatives Ad Hoc Committee Giselle Hale started, saying that there were three main points: “1.) We areContinue reading “Redwood City Environmental Initiatives Ad Hoc Committee”

Looking Back #3: Statement on Reach Codes

From the FFMP archive of statements to Redwood City Council Members, January 13th, 2020. This statement was originally made by Jim Ilnicki. The report is now out: 2019 was the hottest year world-wide on record. The permafrost is melting 95 years earlier than scientists predicted. The Himalayan glacier is melting twice as fast as predicted.Continue reading “Looking Back #3: Statement on Reach Codes”

Why Are a Few Builders Against All-Electric?

Carol Cross, with contributions from Tom Kabat Within the circles in which I travel (nerdy climate-change activist types) the question has come up time and again: why are (some) builders against an all-electric code? What’s the attraction of gas infrastructure? Tom Kabat, an energy and electrification consultant who I believe works in Menlo Park, gave usContinue reading “Why Are a Few Builders Against All-Electric?”

Looking Back #2: Statement to RWC Council

October 14, 2019  – Karen Fine We all know there is a human-made climate crisis in the world.  Every day, we hear evidence to support the facts:  hottest five years on record, excessive rain and flooding, fires, extra-strong hurricanes, drought, extinction of species, melting glaciers, melting Arctic Sea ice, sea level rise, climate crisis refugees. AndContinue reading “Looking Back #2: Statement to RWC Council”